Touchscreen Restaurant POS Systems

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RestEZ is a touchscreen-based POS designed specifically for the management and operation of restaurants and bars.

RestEZ offers you Reporting, Inventory Tracking, Loss Prevention, Portion Control, Integrated Credit Card Verification, VIP and Promotional tools, Trend Tracking, Payroll and Scheduling, and so much more... RestEZ can help you manage your busy restaurant or bar with ease!

Every RestEZ system includes the following:

Optional RestEZ Components Include:

RestEZ is the easiest restaurant touchscreen POS in the world to own! You can get started today with a complete system for as low as $99 per month. We can finance anyone, including new businesses. Download our Free Demo Version today, create a Custom Online Price Quote, or Mail or call 1-800-222-8324 for more information.

Workstation Requirements:
16 MB RAM (Minimum), 32-64 MB RAM Recommended
300 MB Hard Disk (Minimum), 10 GB Hard Disk Recommended
2 MB Video (Minimum), 4-16 MB Recommended
Win 95/98/SE/ME/2000 (Requirements must match OS)

Server Requirements:
128 MB RAM
10 GB Hard Disk (Minimum)
2 MB Video (Minimum), 4-16 MB Recommended
Win 95/98/SE/ME/2000 (Requirements must match OS) (Minimum)
Win NT 4.0, 2000, Novell 3.12 and above (Recommended)

Topology is CAT 5 twisted pair switched or through hub
Transport is TCP/IP, Netbeui, IPX/SPX (Requirements must match OS)
Data Format is open architecture xBase compliant
Executable modules are all Windows processes, except for certain clients like Bump-Screens and other clients which may be DOS based meeting requirements and matching hardware abilities.

All client server architecture is simple thin client proprietary unless integration with third party functionalities call for extra layers, middleware or other complex and obfuscating transports like SQL, XML or Oracle.

System engineered to be ultra thin and to utilize a minimal RAM and hardware footprint for a highly transactional industrial and mission-critical application bypassing OS spoolers and other OS wrappers and device drivers which proved to be unreliable in a true mission critical application. If you have any question regarding the specifics of technical data, contact